About Us

Mover Circle is a socially focused non-profit origination that was founded in 2013. Our goal is to help individuals, families, and small businesses easily find professional and trustworthy movers at affordable costs in their local area, and we do it well. Users can read numerous reviews, compare prices and ratings, and access important information about any service provider in our listing, all on our website.

Mover Circle is revolutionizing the moving industry one relationship at a time. We are accomplishing this by providing the 1800-dentist of the moving world. We carefully pre-screen and price service providers with a responsible and rigorous pre-screening process. We choose the best of the best and compiled them into our network called Mover Circle. Only the Crème de la Crème of movers in the industry are included in our circle.

In addition, we allow our community to rate and review each provider. Our independently selected movers are not only our choices, but the people’s choices as well. Up-keep is important so all movers are subject to annual review to ensure they continue to meet program requirements. Again, we ONLY keep the safest and most proficient movers in our circle, because it’s your circle as well.

Mover Circle also goes the extra mile by providing users the services of a Transition Coordinator, specifically dedicated to help identify needs, offer advice, construct plans, and to welcome and introduce you to our network of carefully screened service providers.

If your family or small business is on the move, let us connect you quickly and easily with proficient and reliable moving service providers who fit your specific needs. With our high referral rate of 96%, you can be rest assured that safe transportation, professional assistance, and above all exceptional customer

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the “Best Value in Moving” through superior service, reasonable costs, and by adhering to the highest standards in the moving industry. Our team of dedicated professionals will be well informed, professional, and involved in the community by contributing to the work of socially focused non-profit organizations.

Our Team

Shawn Blake

CEO, Founder

Good at analysis, especially functional analysis, Shawn has a tolerance for, and enjoyment of the complex. Shawn’s primary interest in life is understanding the world around him. He is constantly absorbing ideas and images about the situations that are presented to him. Using his intuition to process this information, he is usually extremely quick and accurate in his ability to size up a situation.

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